Created in the summer of 2015 after an inspiring trip up the Pacific Coast Highway. While traveling the West Coast, I was consistently reminded of the design elements of my childhood home.  This design evoked a sense of serenity and comfort. I was compelled to learn to create and cultivate this energy in my own home. I find that unique use of fiber to adorn a wall or space adds undeniable warmth to any environment. By taking elements of design you gravitate towards, measurements of where the piece will live in your home or event, and preference of materials and color, I hope to create something unique for you. There are also ready-to-ship handmade labors of love. 

About Erin

I am a Woodstock, New York based designer. Born and raised in Georgia, my memories of fiber art in my childhood home are still vivid. Creative expression was instilled from a young age and fostered throughout my education. This enrichment culminated with my internship with world-renowned textile designer Zandra Rhodes and the Fashion & Textile Museum in London. After more than a decade in New York City working for luxury fashion brands Dolce & Gabbana, Marc Jacobs and Reem Acra, I knew there was something left to explore.

I began a new career working with beloved Brooklyn venues The Green Building 501 Union, and found myself surrounded by an inspiring group of entrepreneurs and artists. While I continue spend time in Brooklyn engaged in this community, I now call Ohayo Mountain in Woodstock home. Surrounded by the expansive landscape of the Catskills, I am honing my own aesthetic, embarking on my own small business and striving to create on a daily basis.